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Eco Energy Expert Services LLP (E3S) is New Delhi, India based firm dedicatedly working towards building sustainability. Formed by a group of enthusiastic professionals, E3S always deliver high quality solutions and designs. At E3S, we provide you the best techniques of energy and environmental management to lower your operating cost and enriching your comfort at the same time.

We have a highly motivated team with versatile experiences in building simulation, energy audits, water audits, building commissioning, energy analysis, waste management and green building facilitation. E3S bring together a supportive team of individuals with a wide range of passions and creativity.

As long as buildings are still being made, our job is never done. And we LOVE it!


Our mission is to be the most competitive enterprise in the world while continuously working towards the development of a more sustainable world for us as well as our future generations.


At E3S, we provide customers a good, fair deal. We understand that great customer relationships take time. And we do not try to maximize short-term profits at the expense of building those enduring relationships.


E3S provides a range of consultancy services, design solutions and energy audits to conserve the energy use of your building. Here is a glimpse of our services.

Energy Simulation

Third Party Cx and Retro Cx

Energy Benchmarking

Daylight Simulation

Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)

Green Building Consultancy

Shading & Sun Path Analysis

Water Audits

Solid Waste Management & Audits

Energy Audits

Energy Analytics & Demand Response

Solar PV Consultancy


Vishal Prabhakar
Managing Partner

Mr. Vishal Prabhakar’ s experience encircles several domains like feasibility study and documentations for IGBC & USGBC LEED projects, evaluation of ongoing performance by conducting LEED audits & Retro-Commissioning of HVAC equipment. He is a IGBC Accredited professional and LEED Green Associate.

Bhartendu Awasthi
Managing Partner

Mr. Bhartendu Awasthi is an accomplished energy professional with more than a half decades’ comprehensive experience in building physics and simulation field. He is having a broad range of expertise in the field of building energy simulation, daylight simulation, passive design analysis, energy analytics and project management.


We are proud to work with a fantastic set of clients. Our approach is different to traditional consultancy agencies. We recognise that it isn’t always easy to sell services in “different”. We work with clients who are prepared to embrace change because they believe it is the only way to deliver the foresight needed for business growth. We focus on long-term relationships with clients, co-creating research solutions that deliver to their emerging building needs. We work with clients who are interested in developing positive business partnerships and we always look for points of cultural alignment.


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